Welcome Assoc.Prof. Xiuhua Li from State Grid of China Technology College, China to be Committee Member!

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Assoc.Prof. Xiuhua Li, State Grid of  China  Technology College, China

Research Area:  

English Teaching, Trainees Management

Research Experience:

Li xiuhua graduated from Shadong University with a master degree in English linguistics and language teaching. She has long been engaged in English teaching and at the same time served as the counselor of the new employee training classes. She teaches courses including Practical English, College English, College English and Electric Power Translation,etc.. She organizes a series of activities, such as Electric Power Translation Contest, English Speech Contest, Grid Youth Forum, etc. 

She is the chief editor of textbooks such as Computer Professional English Course, Extensive Reading Course of English for Science and Technology, etc. Among them, Computer Professional English Course was rated as the excellent teaching material by Peking University Press, and the supporting courseware won the second prize of the National Teaching Achievement Award approved by the Teaching Committee of China Education Department. She has published more than 20 papers, many of which were published in Chinese core journals or indexed by EI or CPCI, including "On the Intelligent Lecture Capture System to Achieve quality-enhanced Lecture Recording", “The Task-based Model in Higher Vocational English Teaching”,etc.. 

As one of the main authors, she participates in a dozen projects such as “The Construction of Exquisite Course Practical English”, “NGCP Training Resource Development”, “Research on the Reform and Innovation of English Teaching Mode Oriented to Improving Vocational Competence”, “Student Mental Health Service System Research”,etc. As the leader of "Network Trainee Management Mode Research Innovation Team" , she presided over the scientific research projects “Practice and Exploration of Trainees' Essential Safety Management in New Employee Training” and “Exploration of ‘Four-in-One’ Path of Trainees' Safety Management in New Employee Training”. She has won the prize of IT Excellent teaching material for Higher Vocational College Award approved by the Education Ministry of China, the third prize of Seminar on Chinese and Foreign Teachers' Teaching in Shandong Province colleges and universities, the third prize of Shandong Province Outstanding Achievement in the Humanities and Social Sciences, the second prize of Courseware Competition of Shandong Province Vocational Colleges , the second prize of  Counselors’ Occupational Ability Competition of State Grid Technology College, the first prize of Youth League Work Case Study of SGCC, and now is the chief counselor of State Gird Technology College.