Welcome Prof. Rizwan A. Thakur from King Khalid University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be program committee chair!

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Prof. Rizwan A. Thakur, King Khalid University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Research Area: 

Information Technology, Computer Science

Research Experience:

Dr. Thakur - An eminent scientist and profound academician has served King Khalid University as Head of the Departments . Information Technology, Computer Science and Information Systems and has been instrumental in implementing ele arning. He holds his Doctorate in Computer Science (Information Security) from Christ Church, UK. He carries double Masters Degrees from the University of Kashmir, one in Computer Applications (MCA) with specialzation in Wireless and Mobile Communication Technology and other in Business Administration (MBA) with dual core specializations in Marketing and Finance. He is an OCP . Oracle Certified Professional DBA Track from USA. Dr, Thakur is an expert in the field of Big Data Security and Human Strategic Inteligence. He has contributed signifcantly in the field of his expertise and carries numerous research publications as well. He is an executive member of editorial boards of several reputed intemational journals. Dr. Thakur also serves as IT and business consultant to few 500 fortune companies including Valero Inc. USA and Amazon Inc. USA and is frequently sought for expert opinion by different Saudi Business Es tablishments. In the pursuit of knowledge and adroitness Dr. Thakur has travelled extensively to more than 38 countries across globe to attend conferences, workshops and seminars etc. He is also credited for his guidance to numerous research scholars for the PhD degrees and has coordinated several international projects as well. In 2017, Dr. Thakur was invited by Fleming Inc. USA to address the august gathering in a reputed conference "Kingdom Education Innovation 2017" Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He has also been the Chairman for the Board of Directors - KH Intermational Inc. USA. Dr. Thakur has also served as Investigator for SDR . State Development Report, in Planning Commission, Govemment of India.